Fighting H.A.R.D is a 501c3 organization established to raise awareness, educate, and provide resources families impacted by hit and run fatalities. We will assist families impacted by hit and run driving by providing resources to grieving families. There are serious consequences for drivers who leave the scene of an accident and often their victims and families suffer potentially long-term physical and emotional impacts which can have significant financial implications.

We will work to seek funding to offer our services and resources throughout the metropolitan area. It is our plan to partner with the existing victims support programs with a specific target to hit and run fatalities. This epidemic is nationwide of which has an overall focus on that will attract people from many backgrounds and concerns.


The following are goals and objectives of Fighting H.A.R.D. (Fighting Hit And Run Driving) for Year 1 through Year 3:

  • · Emphasize existence of hit and run problem.
  • · Determine scope of hit and run problem
  • · Estimate annual number of hit and run crashes.
  • · Determine number and type of fatally injured victims with a hit and run focus.
  • · Provide support and resources to victims’ families directly impacted by the fatalities.
  • · Establishing a college scholarship in the name of Jameca Stanfield
  • · Change Hit and Run Laws in the State of Missouri