Fighting H.A.R.D. continues to provide support to victims and victims’ families. Our organization extends a special Thank You to all who continue to support this cause.

  • “It was an absolute honor to have Tiffanie Stanfield and her family at the Board today. Her work is inspiring. Her sister was killed in a hit and run accident less than a year ago. Now, she has created a nonprofit to bring awareness to hit and run victims.”President of the Board of Aldermen Lewis E Reed

  • “That is so beautiful what you are doing. Jameca was so loved by the Reid family. Love Gracie Reid Brown” Gracie Reid Davis

  •  “What a beautiful way to pay tribite. Let us know anything we can do to help or get the word out” Betty L Washington

  •  “needs to be as strict as pre meditation murder, they intentional leaving victims as they hit them!!! Wrong on so many levels 😖😖😖😖happens tooooooooooo. Often!!!! I am on board with this team❤️🙏🏾 ” –Deborah Sherod Coleman Law

  •  “Beautiful she (Jameca Stanfield) would be proud im sure she already knew that u was gone fight til no end ..Congrats 😘😘” –Natasha Reese

  •  “This is so Awesome!! She would be proud…..And I thank God for you your drive and Persistence for this organization!!!” –Tarra Moore

  •  “I am honored to know you! You have done so much hard work. I am so proud of you.” –Mandi Comer Sabie

  • “Hey Tiffanie, just saw the segment on Channel 4. Congratulations for your efforts. Love the title of the organization…that’s exactly what you are about. The fight for Jameca.” –Jenn Jackson

  •  “…thank you for sharing. It’s astonishing, your stewardship commitment in honor of your beloved sister Jameca and other “HARD” victims. Blessings and prayers for continued success.🕯💝🌺” –Tina Stanfield

  •  “Best of luck to u and your mission. I applaud u 👏👏👏” –Coalie Price

  • “Beautiful continue the fight. ❤❤❤❤” –Deadra Rounds

  • “I love you Tiff!!!! Your grind is inspiring!!! Keep up the wonderful work!!!” –Darryl Bennett