Here is a list of individuals who were victims of a H.A.R.D.*


Jameca Stanfield
James Tilford
Jerell D. “RoseMan” Nixon
Shawn Williams
Elijah “King” Taylor
Janell “Nelly” Rice
DeAndre Wallace
Vickie Williams
Albertia Russ
Justiin Johansen
Keona Boyd
Erick Kimani
Michael Ellis
Clinton Vorce
Amber Wood
Maurice Richards
Keisha Redding
Dillon Dean
Nathaniel Thomas
Ashish Gupta
Bryant Gray
Daniel Embrey
Ron Haynie
Wilford Bassett
Brittany Vales
Montez Horton
Roneisha Calvin
Jazzmine Curry
Misty Collins
Demyhia Bates
Ronald Smith
Terry D Allen
Donovan Callender
Darion Griffin

*Pictures will accompany names as they are proofed and processed. Thank You for your patience!