Fighting H.A.R.D. (Fighting Hit And Run Driving) Organization is a resource to families impacted by the sudden loss of a loved one killed by a H.A.R.D. Our organization focuses on connecting real lives to real numbers by identifying the increase in hit and run deaths and working to decrease those numbers; we are working to make St. Louis City and Missouri roads a safer place by partnering with various organizations with a specific focus on distracted driving while also educating drivers and pedestrians on the importance of pedestrian safety; additionally a key focus is to advocate for tougher laws and servicing victims by providing resources and support.

Fighting H.A.R.D. is a 501c3 organization established to raise awareness, educate, and provide resources to families impacted by hit and run fatalities. This organization assists families by providing support and resources.

Families who are impacted potentially suffer long-term physical and emotional effects of which can have significant financial implications. This is a nationwide epidemic affecting people from many ethnic and economic backgrounds. Fighting H.A.R.D. has a specific focus of fatalities caused by hit and runs. Partnerships with existing organizations that have a focus on pedestrian safety will elevate awareness on hit and runs as potential tragic outcomes.

Annually, we like to honor families impacted by hit and run fatalities by holding a fundraising dinner gala paying tribute to forgotten victims and their family. We
encourage you to click the PURPLE DONATE BUTTON to sponsor a family or an individual. Donations assist H.A.R.D. victim families by providing resources and support.